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intothedarkroom All of your photography web needs in one place.

Connect With Your Photo Fans

intothedarkroom is a one-stop resource to help any photographer build and maintain a beautiful web presence. The service offers image-focused websites, blog sites, photo carts, slideshow tools and event sites for professional photographers. You can choose from just one product, or pay a monthly membership fee for access to everything.

The email marketing integration syncs your intothedarkroom sites with your Mad Mimi email lists. So you can add an email sign-up form to your site and start building your marketing base from site visitors.

  • Note that currently Mad Mimi is integrated with intothedarkroom's HTML 5 sites only.

Get Started In Minutes

  1. Sign up for intothedarkroom.
  2. Open up your site builder and choose the "Contact and Mailing List" tab.
  3. Go to: Settings > Mailing List Provider > Mad Mimi.
  4. Enter your Mad Mimi Account details.

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